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As a school we are committed to providing an individualised, broad, balanced and accessible Curriculum that is tailored to students’ needs. We align our curriculum to the current national curriculum, with adaptations based on the needs of our pupils. Older pupils can access accredited qualifications such as ASDAN and Functional Skills in subjects such as English and Mathematics.

Subjects include:

· Maths

· English

· Reading and Phonics

· Personal Development (PSHE/Careers/RSE)

· Cornerstones

· Sport

· Art

· Work Experience


· Horticulture

To ensure that this is possible, we have acquired the Cornerstones Curriculum which is based on the national curriculum and provides over 80 different projects the pupils can learn from. We also deliver the ASDAN programme through which young people develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life. follow Functional Skills, in core subjects and these two together achieve accreditation through ASDAN.  Children can access GCSEs in certain subjects if they are academically able.

Each pupil has an individual learning pathway that includes an element of choice that can be tailored to their own needs and interests, thus ensuring that they can achieve the most out from their education.

We offer:

•             Speech and Language Therapy

•             Occupational Therapy

•             Educational Psychologist

•             Riding for the Disabled.

•             Offsite visits

•             Work expercience

For more information on our curriculum, please email hopeadmin@hopehouseschool.co.uk